Why did my home insurance go up?

Here are some of the reasons why the cost of your home insurance may have gone up this year.


COVID-19 & Car Insurance – What you need to know

Most people are using their cars a lot less than normal right now due to COVID-19, so the insurance industry has come up with options to help people save money.


COVID-19 Update for Cheep Insurance Clients

As a digital brokerage, our team works from home all the time. This means business as usual for us - you can expect the same great service you're used to!

Hurricane safety tips and preparedness checklist

Hurricane safety tips and preparedness checklist

With Hurricane Dorian heading for Nova Scotia & New Brunswick, here are some safety tips and a checklist to help you protect your family & property.


Accessing your policy docs & billing info on Cheep Insurance’s website & mobile app

As a Cheep Insurance client. you have 24/7 access to your policy information, policy documents, and billing schedule via our website and mobile app. Here's how to access them.


What happens if I cancel my insurance policy early? Do I get charged a cancellation fee?

Thinking of changing insurance companies before renewal? If you cancel insurance early, you'll pay a short rate cancellation fee. Learn more.

Why did my car insurance go up?

Why did my car insurance price go up when my policy renewed?

Canadian insurance companies are increasing the price of car insurance across the board this year. Here's why.


The insurance broker advantage: benefits of using an insurance broker

If you're shopping for insurance, learn how you can get the best insurance policy with an insurance broker at Cheep Insurance.


Insuring high value items on your home, condo or tenant insurance policy

Do you own any high-value items? Do you know about your policy limits? Learn how to make sure your valuables are covered.


Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode – it just may save your life!

Stop driving distracted! You're 23 times more likely to crash if you text while driving. Complete this simple action today to remove the temptation.

Driving high in Nova Scotia

Driving high in Nova Scotia: what are the consequences?

What are the consequences of driving high in Nova Scotia? What are the fines for cannabis impaired driving? Here's the lowdown on NS weed driving laws.

Proof of car insurance pink card in mobile wallet on phone

Saving your “pink card” (proof of insurance) to your phone

Why dig through a glove box full of animal cracker crumbs, used Kleenex, and ketchup packets for a tiny pink piece of paper when you could just show your proof of insurance on your phone?

Financial responsibility certificate (FRC)) needed after no insurance ticket

I got a no insurance ticket and now I need an FRC – help!

If you get a no insurance ticket, you'll need an FRC (Financial Responsibility Certificate) to get your license back. Here's how the process works.

Cheep Insurance Mobile App

Downloading the Cheep Insurance mobile app

With our mobile app, you can manage your insurance 24/7. Request policy changes after hours and look at your policy documents on the go - we have you covered.


What you need to know about car insurance policy renewals

Taking 15 minutes to review your car insurance policy when it renews will help ensure you have the proper protection in place. Here’s how car insurance renewals work in Nova Scotia and what you should do when your policy renews.


Printing your pink card(s) via Cheep Insurance’s website

If you'd like paper copies of your pink cards, you can print them off by logging into our website. Here are instructions for doing so.

Moving to NS from Other Province – Car Insurance To-Dos

Setting up car insurance in NS after moving from another province

If you've recently moved to NS from another province, you'll need to provide this additional info to your insurance broker in order to set up a policy.

Moving from ON to NS – car insurance to-dos

Moving to Nova Scotia from Ontario: 3 Steps to Move Your Auto Insurance

Follow these three simple steps to set up insurance in NS after moving from Ontario.

Car Insurance 102: Liability Limits & Deductibles

Car Insurance 102: Liability Limits & Deductibles

When you insure your car, you must select a liability limit & collision/comprehensive deductibles. Check out all of the options & which suit you.

Collision, Comprehensive & Liability Coverage Explained

Car Insurance 101: Understanding Basic Coverages

Learn about the three basic insurance coverages: liability, collision, and comprehensive.

How Cancellation for Non-Payment Can Affect Your Insurance Record

How Cancellation For Non-Payment Can Affect Your Insurance Record

If your car or home insurance policy gets cancelled for non-payment, it could have a negative impact on your insurance record and future insurance rates.

5 Insurance Add Ons

5 Car Insurance Add-Ons That Could Save Your Tail

If you're in the market for an insurance policy, make sure to check out these 5 add-ons - they could end up saving you some serious cash!


Must See Beaches of Nova Scotia: Part Three – Coast to Coast

Our Beaches of Nova Scotia blog series looks at beaches from coast to coast, with a hidden gem to explore no matter which part of NS you live in.


5 Insurance Tips For First Time Homebuyers

If you're purchasing home insurance for the first time, check out these five tips to make sure you're protected properly (at the best price available!)


Must See Beaches of Nova Scotia: Part Two – South Shore

Part Two of our Beaches of Nova Scotia blog series provides an overview of the best beaches the South Shore has to offer.


Must See Beaches of Nova Scotia: Part One – Cape Breton

Everyone loves a good beach day! Check out Part One of our Beaches of Nova Scotia blog post series for the best beaches in Cape Breton


5 Car Insurance Discounts That Could Help You Save Big

These 5 discounts could help you save big on your car insurance! Make sure to ask your broker about these discounts if you're shopping for insurance.


5 Renovation Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

These five renovation ideas will increase your home's desirability as well as its value.


Why You Should Pay Your Speeding Ticket ASAP

Waiting until the last minute to pay your speeding ticket can cost you more in the long run. Check out this blog post to learn why.


5 Reasons You Should Use An Insurance Broker

Shopping for insurance? Here's 5 reasons why you may want to consider using an insurance broker to help you get the best policy.


3 Reasons You Really Should Have Renters (Tenants) Insurance

If you rent your house or apartment, you should definitely have renters (tenants) insurance. Here are three reasons why.


5 Road Trips To Take In Nova Scotia This Summer

Summers in Nova Scotia are absolutely beautiful. Make the most of the sunshine with a list of five road trips we love to take in NS.

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