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At Cheep Insurance, our goal is to make the insurance process as simple as possible for our clients. That's why we've built this easy-to-use tool that will allow you to get a quote, bind coverage, and purchase a policy - completely online, all within minutes. Check it out below!

Coverage for all of your stuff, and for you.

While you may not own the house or apartment you live in, you probably own a good chunk of the stuff in it. Contrary to popular belief, your landlord’s insurance policy will not cover your belongings if something happens – you need a tenant’s insurance policy to protect your stuff.

Tenant’s insurance policies also cover a number of other expenses, such as relocation costs and extra living expenses during repairs. If a guest is injured at your place, your tenant’s policy will kick in to help cover any medical or rehabilitation costs. It can even help cover injuries you may accidentally cause while away from home or travelling.

All your insurance needs, available right on your favourite device

From getting a quote to purchasing a policy to accessing your policy documents, you can do it all right from your phone, computer or tablet.

In fact, if you purchase a policy using the tool the at the top of this page, you’ll instantly receive an email with confirmation of insurance that you can show your landlord.

Then, as a Cheep Insurance client, you’ll be set up with 24/7 access to our convenient website and mobile app so you can review your policy, access your policy documents, and request policy changes on the fly.

It’s like having a tiny insurance broker in the palm of your hand.


Our clients love how quick & easy it is to buy online

Cheep Insurance is a lifesaver when it comes to setting up tenants insurance in a pinch! Like an idiot I didn’t really read my lease when I signed it (who does??) and when I went to pick up my keys on move-in day my landlord wouldn’t give them to me without proof of insurance. It was a weekend so no insurance companies or brokerages were open and I thought I was totally screwed, then I found Cheep Insurance and was able to purchase a policy right through their website. I was emailed proof of insurance for my landlord right away. Thanks for saving my butt Cheep Insurance!


, from Dartmouth

Tenant Insurance

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Bundle your polices to save up to 15%

You could get a 15% discount on both your car insurance policy and your tenant’s insurance policy by bundling them with the same company. Give our friendly team of brokers a call to see if this is the right move for you.

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