Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Protect your home and your belongings with homeowner’s insurance.

What does home insurance cover?

Home insurance coverages can vary depending on the type of home and policy you have.

While fire and certain weather events are standard coverages, there are many additional options that are important to have. With the amount of claims increasing, our team will make sure that you’re properly protected against the changing environment.

Standard coverages

Personal Liability

If you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property or someone gets hurt while visiting your property, this coverage helps cover legal expenses and damages.


These coverages provide protection for your home’s physical structure, as well as other structures such as sheds, attached fences, etc.  Including valuable items stored inside detached structures (lawn mowers, snowblowers, etc.)


This part of home insurance protects personal belongings including furniture, electronics, clothing, and more. On most policies, the limit for this coverage is a percentage of the dwelling limit. Items are also protected when temporarily removed from your home – like when you’re on vacation or at work.

Additional Living Expenses

If you do experience an insured loss or claim that makes your home uninhabitable, this coverage provides coverage for hotel stays or rental expenses, meals, and other necessary costs that are above and beyond your usual cost of living.

Additional coverages

Water Protection

Sewer backup coverage provides protection from sudden and accidental backup of sewers, toilets, drains, etc. Overland water coverage protects your home from sudden freshwater accumulation. Always check your policy wording – coverage is subject to eligibility.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

This ensures that your home and belongings will be replaced at their current value, without factoring in depreciation. This means that even if inflation has increased the price of building or your belongings, your insurance policy will replace them.

Service Line Coverage

Homeowners on municipal services (water & sewer) may not realize they are responsible for damage to underground pipes and your own lawn/yard, from the road to your home.

How to save on home insurance.

At Cheep, we work with more than a dozen home insurance companies that each offer a number of discounts and ways to help you save.

You can earn discounts on home insurance by being claims-free, bundling your home and auto insurance, insuring multiple locations with the same company, or having no mortgage on your home.

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    Mitchell - Meteghan River, NS | Car Insurance

  • Samantha Young was very helpful and easy to deal with. Great experience for my first time home buyer insurance!

    Mitch - Moncton, NB | Home Insurance

  • …Gabriella made the experience easy for my first time getting online insurance.  She helped me out a lot, while my old insurer was not available and did very little for me.  I want to make a long term relationship with Cheep Insurance.  Everything made easy like it should be…

    George - Hubbards. NS | Home Insurance

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    Michael - Sable River, NS | Home Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I save on home insurance premiums?

There are several ways to make sure you’re getting the best price on your home insurance.

First of all, make sure you’re working with our team! Our industry knowledge and access to many insurance companies will ensure you’re getting the best price on your policy – plus, we’ll get to know you so that we can offer any discounts you’re eligible for.

Secondly, discounts! You’d be amazed what you can get discounts for – that’s why we need to know everything! From security alarms to smoke detectors, claims history to credit scoring, there are lots of discounts available.

Also, bundling! Cheep offers home & auto insurance! (and more!) Bundling your policies with the same company can save you up to 15% on each policy!


How do I get home insurance for the first time?

Home Insurance can be overwhelming – especially if you’ve never had it before. If you’re buying your first home, or are looking to insure a home that was not previously insured, you may need to be placed with a specialty market for the first year. These companies still offer great coverage and allow you to start building an insurance history to move to a “regular market” company. This is similar to starting to build credit history for the first time.

Remember that some companies will take prior tenant insurance history into account, so let your broker know if you currently have tenant insuarance!

Call our experts at 1-866-922-4337 to get you set up with the best policy for your new home.


How do I report a home insurance claim?

We hope you’ll never experience a home insurance claim, but if you do – here’s a basic breakdown of what to do.

  • Make sure everyone is safe – First thing’s first, make sure everyone is okay. An insurance claim can be made days or weeks after the event happens, so if you need some time to recover first, no pressure!
  • Document everything – When it’s safe to do so, make a complete list of all damaged, destroyed or stolen items. Take photos of everything you can, and be sure to keep all receipts if you buy anything related to the loss.
  • Contact your insurance company – Report the accident or claim to your insurance representative and provide complete, accurate details as soon as you can following a theft, accident or property damage. Most insurance companies have a 24-hour claims service. Our claims page will help you find our who to contact. After filing your claim with your insurer, a claims specialist or adjuster will contact you. They will review the loss circumstances, examine the documents you provide and explain the next steps.



Can I get home insurance if my last policy was cancelled for non-payment?

When it comes to cancellations or lapses in insurance, property insurance is a bit more strict than auto insurance. If you have had a cancellation due to non-payment of premiums on a home insurance policy, give our team a call to figure out your next steps. (1-866-922-4337)

Most times if you have been cancelled for non-payment, you will need to be placed in a specialty risk market for at least one year. These policies can carry less coverage and higher premiums. We know life happens, so we can help get your home insurance back on track, and work with you to get back to a “regular market” as soon as possible.

What affects home insurance rates?

Home insurance is not a one-size-fits-all pricing plan. The price of home insurance is a little different for everyone!

There are a several different insurance companies that offer many coverages, and each of these companies has their own “rating factor” that impacts the price you might pay for home insurance.

Some common rating factors are outlined below:

  • Discounts – you may receive discounts for credit scoring, occupation, multi-line or multi-policy, stability, and more.
  • Home Rebuild Value – this can include the materials used to build your home, the square footage, any additions, decks, porches, detached structures such as a garage, and the year the home was built or renovated.
  • Home Upgrades & Updates – speaking of renovations, updates to your roof, heating, electrical, plumbing, and more can result in better pricing. Types of materials used is also taken into consideration. Remember to tell your broker or insurance company when updates are completed!
  • Location factors – most insurance companies have PEI broken down into different “rate territories” that have an impact on home insurance prices. Rating factors per territory may include how often there are losses in your area, how severe the losses are, how close you are to a body of water, your town’s population, etc.
  • Optional Coverages – home insurance policies can offer many levels of protection (more on that here). Adding specialized coverages may cost a little more – but will save you in the long run if you experience a loss.