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"Comparing home insurance prices is so much fun" ....said no one ever. That's why we've simplified the process with an easy-to-use online quoting tool. Answer a few questions and you'll be able to compare prices from Canada's top home insurance companies.

Protection for your family, your home, and your stuff

Home insurance can cover the cost of repairs to your home and outdoor buildings if damaged by things like fire, lightning, hail, water, or vandalism. It can also cover the cost of replacing all your stuff (and trust us, all your clothes, electronics, pots, pans, etc. add up very quickly!)

What many people don’t realize is that home insurance covers much more than material things. If you have to relocate your family while your home is being repaired or rebuilt, your policy can help with relocation costs and extra living expenses. If a guest is injured at your house, your homeowners policy will kick in to help cover any medical or rehabilitation costs. It can even help cover injuries you may accidentally cause while away from home.

Our friendly team of licensed brokers is happy to provide advice and help you find the best coverage combo for you.

All your insurance needs, available right on your favourite device

From signing on the dotted line to accessing your policy documents to requesting policy changes, everything can be done electronically right from your favourite device.

We’re 100% paperless so you don’t have to wait for your policy in the snail mail and feel guilty that a small tree died so you could have a paper copy of your policy wordings.

As a Cheep Insurance client, you’ll be set up with 24/7 access to our convenient website and mobile app as soon as you come on board.

It’s like having a tiny insurance broker in the palm of  your hand.


Our clients love the Cheep Insurance business model

“Cheep Insurance rocks!  They are hip, fun to deal with, and can find you great prices (really).  My agent, Jackie, worked hard to take care of my insurance needs and that is making my relocation to Nova Scotia way less stressful.  I also love their online portal – you can find and manage all your relevant information in one place.  Amazing attitude, quick turnaround, could not recommend them more.”


, from Fall River

Home Insurance

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With one of the largest selections of insurance companies in Atlantic Canada, we make sure you’re getting the best price for your unique homeowners insurance needs.

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