Mobile Home Insurance 101: Understanding Mobile Home Insurance

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Mobile Home Insurance 101

When it comes to your mobile or manufactured home, there’s no place like home sweet mobile. Whether it’s your cozy roost, your compact castle, or your feathered haven, it represents a significant investment. In the world of insurance, protecting your home is like safeguarding your nest. Whether your dwelling is a traditional house or a mobile home, there’s no room for vulnerability. It’s important to recognize that insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. In this chirp-tastic blog, we’ll explore the key differences between mobile home insurance and standard home insurance. So, let’s dive into the details and learn why understanding these distinctions is essential.  

Defining Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile homes, often referred to as manufactured homes, differ from traditional houses in structure, mobility, and construction. Mobile home insurance is crafted specifically to cater to these unique traits.  A Mobile Home is defined in insurance as a building that has been fully constructed inside a factory. They differ from mini homes because they are built on a steel frame chassis that forms part of the floor structure of the home. The chassis is not removed. The steel frame has axles, wheels, and a hitch; all of which are removed after the unit has been delivered to the homeowner’s site. Insurance does not cover a mobile home in transit – your insurance will “kick in” once the home is in place, tied down, and skirted.

Standard home insurance, on the other hand, pertains to traditional houses, where the structure is firmly rooted in one place, often with a foundation. It covers various dwelling types, from a bungalow to a mansion. Mini homes that are factory built and placed on a slab or foundation may qualify for standard homeowner’s insurance – reach out to our team to see which type of home insurance is right for you.

The primary difference between the two lies in the construction. Mobile homes are usually lighter and built with different materials than traditional homes. The home being moveable is key when determining the coverage difference between and mobile home and a mini home.

Coverages Available

Different policies offer a variety of coverages, allowing you to tailor your insurance to your specific needs. These coverages can protect you against legal action if someone is injured on your property, if there is damage to your home or contents from an insured loss, and even water and weather damages. While many of these coverages are the same as a standard home insurance policy, there are often special considerations taken for mobile home policies. Both types of insurance cover similar perils, including damage, theft, and personal liability. However, mobile home insurance may include coverages that are specifically designed for the unique risks of mobile homes, like coverage for detached structures in a mobile home park.  

There are also specific surcharges and discounts on mobile home policies, such as factory double wide discount, age surcharge, and more. Mobile homes must be tied down and skirted to be eligible for any type of insurance coverage.

Pricing Factors

The cost of your mobile home insurance depends on various factors, including the age of your mobile home, its location, and your claims history. Pricing will also depend on the coverages you choose, and the value of your mobile home. 

Why You Need Mobile Home Insurance

Now, here’s the important part – why mobile home insurance is a must. It’s all about peace of mind. Just like birds roosting in a safe nest, you want your mobile home to be protected. Accidents happen, and storms brew, but with mobile home insurance, you’re prepared for whatever feathers life may ruffle. 

Your mobile home is your nest, your sanctuary, and your cherished space. It deserves the best protection. Mobile home insurance is your security blanket. So, don’t let uncertainty hover like a shadow – spread your wings and safeguard your mobile home with the insurance it deserves. In the grand aviary of life, having mobile home insurance is the way to fly without fear.