5 Renovation Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

Last Updated: Feb 2021 | Categories: Home & Renters Insurance, Popular

Person looking at their laptop and thinking of home renovations

For many Nova Scotians, their home is their biggest investment. Here are five ways you can increase the value and desirability of your home.

1. Modernize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is king when it comes to home valuation. Replacing your cabinetry, counter tops, or appliances can give your kitchen that modern look that’s so in right now, and have a significant impact on the value of your home. If those ideas are a bit out of your price range, a fresh new paint job, adding a backsplash, or replacing your lighting fixtures can really help modernize the look and feel of your kitchen space as well.

2. Update Your Bathroom(s)

In terms of home valuation, bathrooms are probably the second most important rooms in your house. Replacing your sink or countertop, updating your light fixtures, or even getting a new mirror can dramatically change the look and feel of your bathroom. A paint job can go a long way as well, especially since bathrooms can get a bit dingy over time. Small touches like flowers on the toilet tank, countertop decor, and pictures can also help brighten up bathroom space.

3. Give Your Yard a Makeover

First impressions are important, and the first thing people see when they arrive at your place is your yard. Simple things like adding top soil to your garden, planting a few shrubs, or installing a small walkway can help increase your home’s “curb appeal”.

4. Replace or Update Your Flooring

Installing hardwood floors is a surefire way to see an increase in the value of your home. While carpet may have been sexy in the 80s and 90s, it doesn’t have the same appeal today. For kitchens and bathrooms, tiling is highly desired in today’s market. People are looking for flooring that looks great but is also easy to clean and maintain.

5. Build a Deck or Deck Addition

With the ever-increasing popularity of the staycation, outdoor living spaces have become extremely important. People love spending time outdoors. Having a nice deck for BBQing, entertaining guests, and sunbathing can be a dealmaker for some.

Whether you’re looking to sell in the next few years, you’re trying to compete with the Jones’, or you just want to enhance your home, these five ideas can help boost the value of your home, and they’re fun projects!