Must See Beaches of Nova Scotia: Part Two – South Shore.

Must See Beaches of Nova Scotia: Part Two – South Shore.

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Must See Beaches of Nova Scotia: Part Two – South Shore!


Part 2 of our Beaches of Nova Scotia blog series. This blog post focuses on one of the most stunning coastlines in the world – the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

These eight beaches are absolutely breathtaking, and they’re not a far drive from HRM if you live in the city. In fact, #2 through #6 on our list are within 20 minutes of each other and can easily be visited within the same day.


Hirtle’s Beach.

A nature enthusiast’s paradise that is often termed a “living beach” because the beach moves and shifts at the whim of the ocean. Here you will find more than three kilometres of white sand, rolling surf, fresh sea air, drumlin cliffs and breathtaking views. This beach is located in Kingsburg, about 35 minutes from Bridgewater.


Crescent Beach.

Connecting the LaHave Islands to the mainland, you can drive your car on this beach! Light sand, beautiful water, and a few tire tracks make this beach one of a kind in Nova Scotia.


Risser’s Beach and Provincial Campground.

This provincial campground has a kilometre-long white sand beach, an Interpretation Centre and boardwalk along an inland marsh. You can camp right on the beach or just come for the day. Great for a weekend getaway!


Green Bay Beaches.

Around the bay from Risser’s and Crescent beaches, this hidden gem is actually comprised of three small sandy beaches, which are much less busy than the neighbouring beaches around the bay. Spend the day relaxing on the beach then grab an ice cream at MacLeod’s Canteen. Worth the extra drive if you’re in the area!


Broad Cove Beach.

This beach has a nice private sand area and the cove is partially protected so the water stays relatively calm. With a number of large, well-known beaches close by, this one is fairly quiet with not a lot of visitors.


Cherry Hill Beach.

Cherry Hill Beach is a wonderful escape for surfers. It’s also a great place to walk on the rocks and take in the sights.


Beach Meadows.

This gorgeous white sand beach spans approximately two kilometres and boasts a fantastic view of Coffin Island. The perfect way to spend an afternoon if you’re the “long walks on the beach” type.


Carters Beach.

One of the most stunning beaches around, all it needs to look like a scene from the Caribbean is some palm trees… and, well, the water might be a touch cooler as well! The beach itself has three crescent-shaped areas, all made of soft white sand. Great for all ages and just 20 minutes south of Liverpool.


With September just around the corner, make sure you check out as many of these beauties as possible! If we missed any hidden gems on the South Shore, please let us know by tweeting at us or tagging us in a Facebook post.