Atlantic Canada’s Top Ski Resorts.

Atlantic Canada’s Top Ski Resorts.

Last Updated: Jan 2024 | Categories: Local / Community – NB, Local / Community – NL, Local / Community – NS

Skiing Paradise in Atlantic Canada: Unveiling the Top Resorts for Winter Bliss. 

As winter (finally) blankets Atlantic Canada in a serene white, skiing enthusiasts gear up for an exhilarating adventure across the region’s pristine slopes. Discover some of the top ski resorts that promise a perfect blend of breathtaking landscapes and thrilling runs. 

Martock Ski Resort, Nova Scotia.

Nestled just outside Windsor, Nova Scotia, “Martock” is an integral part of childhood in the Annapolis Valley. Martock offers rentals, lessons, first-time orientation, and more! You can visit their website at to see a live view of the mountain and plan your trip. 

Winter Wonderland: Nestled in the Annapolis Valley, Martock offers a diverse range of slopes for all skill levels. 

Scenic Beauty: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Nova Scotia’s winter landscapes as you carve through the snow-covered hills. 


Poley Mountain, New Brunswick.

Located not far from Sussex, New Brunswick, Poley Mountain offers something for everyone in every season. From their very own snow school catering to every skier from beginner to master class, to BMX trails in the summer, Poley Mountain is the place to be, come snow or shine! 

Varied Terrain: From gentle slopes for beginners to challenging runs for seasoned skiers, Poley Mountain caters to all. 

Snowy Bliss: With its reliable snowfall, Poley Mountain ensures a consistent and delightful skiing experience. 


Marble Mountain Resort, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Boasting the title of Atlantic Canada’s highest ski hill, Marble Mountain is much more than a ski resort. Offering 5-star dining, waterfalls, biking trails, and of course, winter activities, Marble Mountain has something for all and is leading the charge on Newfoundland tourism. 

Alpine Adventure: Experience the thrill of a 1760 ft vertical drop and challenging alpine terrain at Marble Mountain. 

Spectacular Views: Overlooking the stunning Humber Valley, the scenery from the slopes is as awe-inspiring as the runs themselves. 


Crabbe Mountain, New Brunswick.

Located about halfway between Fredericton and Woodstock, Crabbe Mountain is the place to be for winter activity. Snowmobiles and skiers alike run wild through Crabbe Mountain, and there’s no better place to be during Fredericton’s Frostival! Live music in their lodge restaurant warms up the nights. 

Forest Trails: Ski through enchanting, forested trails and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of Crabbe Mountain. 

Winter Wonderland: The resort’s location ensures a winter wonderland atmosphere, perfect for a magical skiing experience. 


Ski Wentworth, Nova Scotia.

With more than 90 years of experience on in? Nova Scotia’s Cobequid Hills, Ski Wentworth is a classic. Ski Wentworth offers year-round activities, including accessible skiing in partnership with Canadian Adaptive Snowsports. With lots to do inside and outside, Wentworth is not to miss. 

Family-Friendly: Known for its family-friendly environment, Ski Wentworth is ideal for both beginners and families. 

Sunset Skiing: Experience the unique thrill of skiing as the sun sets over the scenic landscape. 


Tips for the Ultimate Skiing Experience.

  • Check Conditions: Stay updated on snow conditions for the best skiing experience. 
  • Safety First: Always wear appropriate gear and follow safety guidelines. 
  • After-Ski Delights: Explore the local charm and culinary delights after a day on the slopes. 


This winter, embark on a skiing adventure in Atlantic Canada, where winter transforms the landscape into a snowy paradise waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a first-timer, these resorts promise an unforgettable winter experience. Hit the slopes and let the snow-kissed mountains be your playground!