Must See Beaches of Nova Scotia: Part Three – Coast to Coast

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Must See Beaches of Nova Scotia: Part Three – Coast to Coast

Back by popular demand – the third and final post in our Beaches of Nova Scotia blog series. Instead of focusing on a specific area in this post, we put together a list of hidden gems from all over the province. That way, we can make sure all of our readers have a beach near them to explore as summer 2016 wraps up!

If you live in or are visiting Cape Breton or the South Shore, check out the first two parts of our blog series for beaches in your area. If you’re looking for a great beach in another part of the province, check out the list below and find a place nearby to indulge is some sand and sea!

1. Mavillette Beach

“La Plage Mavillette”, as it is known to locals, is a lesser known fully-serviced provincial park between Digby and Yarmouth on the French Shore of Nova Scotia. With amazing sand dunes and beautiful water, this beach is like a scene from a postcard.

2. Blue Sea Beach

Blue Sea Beach is located in the Malagash area of Nova Scotia along the Northumberland Strait. With a wide sandy beach, a gentle slope, and warm water (well, warm for Nova Scotia!), this beach is especially great for families with young kids. As a provincial park, it also has a small picnic area and boardwalk.

3. Waterside Park Beach

Much less busy than others in the area, Waterside Park Beach is located near Pictou and is a great spot to relax if you don’t love crowds. Located on the Bay of Fundy, the tidal activity at this beach makes it great for snorkeling at high tide and sandbar-walking at low tide. There is also a great view of the PEI Ferry.

4. Port Maitland Beach

This beach near Yarmouth and the French S hore has a great sand and cobble beach, a grassy picnic area, and sand dunes. The wharf and fishing boats nearby also offer a picturesque display of Nova Scotia and are often the subject of tourist photos and local paintings.

5. Clam Harbour Beach

Famous for the giant sandcastle competition hosted there each August, this white sand beach on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia has great sandbars and a beautiful view of the ocean. On top of the bluff, families can sit and have a picnic while taking in the view.

6. Conrad’s Beach

Conrad’s Beach near Lawrencetown is one of Nova Scotia’s best kept secrets. This large, beautiful beach has soft white sand and a great boardwalk system. Nearby Stoney Beach is within walking distance and is known for its kite surfing, wind surfing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

7. Bayswater Beach

Situated on the Aspotogan Peninsula, Bayswater Beach is just over an hour from HRM, and it’s worth every minute of the drive. With beautiful white sand and mild waves, this gem has “beach day” written all over it. On really clear days, you can even see Peggy’s Cove off in the distance.

8. Medford Beach

Near Canning, Medford Beach is an absolute wonder at low tide, when you can hike the seafloor of Minas Basin and see a number of red sandstone formations created by the area’s unique tidal patterns.

With just two weekends left before the back-to-school rush, take some time to hit up a nearby beach and relax for a few hours.

If there are any other hidden gems you’d like to share, please let us know by tweeting at us or tagging us in a Facebook post.