5 Reasons You Should Use An Insurance Broker

Last Updated: Feb 2021 | Categories: General, Popular

Insurance broker

If you’re shopping for insurance, you have two options – you can use an insurance broker or you can purchase a policy directly from an insurance company. We’ve put together a list of the top five advantages of using a broker (like Cheep Insurance!) over buying direct.

1. Brokers work for YOU, not the insurance companies.

They have your best interests at heart.

2. Brokers offer more selection.

If you call an insurance company directly, the call centre rep who answers the phone will only be able to offer you one price based on your eligibility and coverage needs. Brokers work with multiple insurance companies so they can compare a number of different options for you. Fun fact: Cheep Insurance is proud to have one of the largest selections of insurance companies in Atlantic Canada.

3. Brokers do all the tedious price and coverage comparisons for you.

As licensed industry professionals, brokers are able to compare coverage apples-to-apples to ensure you’re getting the protection you need.

4. Brokers know how to get you the best price available.

Spending five days a week working with insurance products, brokers know all the discounts you can take advantage of, as well as the industry sweet spots. Your broker will shop your policy for you to make sure you’re getting the best price out there.

5. Brokers have your back.

If your insurance rates go up, your broker can shop your policy for you to see if you could save money by switching to another insurance company. If you can, they’ll facilitate the move so you don’t have to deal with a whole new company. If you have to file a claim and you need someone to help you through the process and act as an advocate to the insurance company, your broker can assist you.
Are you convinced? If so, a little birdy told me that Cheep Insurance is the best broker in town. Give us a shout – we’re happy to help you!