Newfoundland’s Insurance Validation Program

Last Updated: May 2023 | Categories: Car Insurance, General, Local / Community – NL

Newfoundland Insurance Error

You’ve just purchased a car, you called Cheep Insurance and got your auto insurance policy set up, and you’re ready to register the vehicle through Newfoundland’s Motor Registration Division. Then you get an email –


This can be a frustrating situation – so why is this happening?

Newfoundland’s New Digital Insurance Validation Program (IVP)

All motor vehicles driven on the road in Newfoundland must carry mandatory insurance coverage. To ensure all drivers are following the rules of the rock, this new IVP program uses information from the Government of Newfoundland and the Insurance Bureau of Canada to make sure that the vehicle identification number (VIN) matches the information on file with Motor Registration. When insurance coverage cannot be confirmed, the vehicle cannot be registered.

The program applies to all privately-owned or leased vehicles year 1983 or newer – it also allows the Government of Newfoundland to regularly check registered vehicles for mandatory insurance coverage.

What You Need to Register your Vehicle

For this program, you will need to provide your:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Driver’s license
  • Email
  • Phone number(s)
  • License plate

Reasons you may Get an Error

There are a few reasons you may get an error – the error means your insurance information cannot be confirmed. Here’s what you can do-

Check the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Vehicle VIN numbers are 17 characters long and it’s easy to make a mistake. Remember that VINs do not use the letter O (it’s the number 0) or the letter I (it’s a number 1). Your VIN number can be found on the vehicle (inside the door or on the dash), on your sales/lease agreement, and on your insurance card if it’s already insured. Make sure the VIN you provide matches the VIN on file with Motor Registration and your Insurance Company.

If your vehicle is stored seasonally

If you put a vehicle away for the winter, or have a vehicle that has been stored, you may receive an error from the system. Contact your local Motor Registration office to get the form needed for vehicles that are used seasonally or in storage.

Your insurance company may be behind in processing

Some insurance companies are quicker than others in issuing new policies, changing policies, and updating information. Some companies are as much as 2-3 months behind! If you are insured with one of these companies, your coverage likely is in force, but the computer system has not been updated.

If your Insurance Company is Behind

If you have double checked your VIN and other information on your policy documents and pink card and everything matches – contact our Service Team at or 1-866-92-CHEEP/1-866-922-4337. We can help you make sure your policy is in force and has all the proper coverages to be road legal in Newfoundland.

If everything is as it should be, and you are still getting an error, you will need to contact the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) directly at

For more information on the Insurance Validation Program, visit the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador’s website.