The Benefits and Myths of Working from Home.

The Benefits and Myths of Working from Home.

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The Benefits of Working from Home.

Since Cheep Insurance hatched back in 2016, we’ve been excited to offer full-time, work-from-home positions to our employees – you could say we were working from home before it was cool.

If you’re anything like our flock, you’d love the freedom of working from home! While many people still think working in the office is more professional, working remotely is becoming more and more popular. We’re here to show you the benefits of working from home, and to debunk some bird-brained myths.

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No Commute Wasting your Time.

Without the stress of a long drive, you’ll have more time and energy to put into your work. Plus, you’ll be able to work wherever is comfortable for you – with your own snacks, music, and temperature control. On top of that, studies show that work-from-home employees save more than 260 hours per year (!) on travel time – that’s over 10 days of your year that you can reclaim! You’re basically getting an extra 2 weeks vacation.


You’ll be More Productive.

Some may say that working from home leads to a decrease in productivity, but studies have shown that remote workers actually produce more work in shorter time frames and need to take fewer sick days as employees are able to create a work environment that suits their needs. (And while you’re taking a look at making your perfect work from home space – consider a home insurance quote through Cheep Insurance!)


Add to your Savings Account.

Working from home can save you a lot of moolah – with less commuting, you’ll have fewer expenses like gas, tolls, and parking fees. Employees who live 30 minutes away from their workplace save an average of $2100/year in fuel alone – not even taking into account any tolls, parking, vehicle maintenance, or wear and tear! Having no daily commute also means savings on your auto insurance policy, so don’t forget to tell your insurance provider.


Work from Home Myths.


Working from Home is Lonely or Isolating.

There are plenty of ways to stay connected with your co-workers, from virtual team meetings to messaging apps. And here at Cheep Insurance, we love to get the team together for a drink and a good time at least a few times a year! Plus, continuing education and professional development opportunities means conferences, events, and lots of chances to network with colleagues from across the industry.


Employees who work from home are less committed to their jobs.

Studies have shown that this is simply not true. In fact, employees who work from home often have higher job satisfaction rates and are more likely to stay with their company long-term.

Working from home has many benefits, including flexibility, increased productivity, and improved mental health. Overall, working from home can be a fantastic way to spread your wings and get work done in a way that’s comfortable and convenient for you. Don’t let these bird-brained myths hold you back from exploring this amazing opportunity!


Here’s what our flock has to say about working from home.

Laura – “Wearing PJs while working, no commute, less distractions at home, and my dogs are here!”

Sam – “Better work life balance, no makeup, and going for a walk in my sweatpants during the day!”

Stephanie – “No traffic, hanging out with the dog while working, more time in the mornings and evenings, and I don’t even remember the last time I had to put gas in the car!”

Kristy – “Having all the comforts of home all day, everyday!”

Miranda – “When the day is over, I just close my laptop, and I’m already home! No traffic, no commute, no time out of my evening!”

Glenda – “WFH – is that ‘Work from home’ or ‘Work from hammock’? The best part of working from home is the convenience. No commute.  No business clothes, and the occasional cuddles with my dog.

Jen – “WFH means lunchtime = me time. I can BBQ on my deck then soak up the sunshine while reading a book in the hammock, or get my workout in for the day (and who cares if my hair is a mess after, because I’m at home!). It’s definitely a big W on the healthy lifestyle front when you have that extra freedom and your options aren’t just packed lunch in the office lunchroom or spend money out at a restaurant.”