I got a no insurance ticket and now I need an FRC – help!

I got a no insurance ticket and now I need an FRC – help!

Last Updated: Feb 2021 | Categories: Car Insurance

What’s a Financial Responsibility Certificate (FRC)?

A “Financial Responsibility Certificate”, or FRC, lets the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) know that you have an active insurance policy in place so they can reinstate your license and you can get back to driving.


Why do I need an FRC?

Driving without insurance is bad news – once you’ve received a no insurance ticket, the DMV needs to know you’re on your best behaviour. An FRC lets them know you’ve been good (aka you’ve been keeping up your policy and have active insurance in place).


How long do I need an FRC for?

An FRC stays on your policy for two years.


What if my insurance policy gets cancelled?

If your insurance policy gets cancelled, the DMV will be notified right away that you no longer have active insurance in place or an FRC. This means your driver’s license will be suspended again right away.


Cheep trick – make sure your insurance payments are in good standing!

A Financial Responsibility Certificate is a proof that you are financially responsible – so it’s very important to make sure you stay up-to-date on your insurance payments and don’t let any go NSF. If you miss your monthly payments and your policy is at risk of getting cancelled, your license will be suspended again. We don’t want that to happen! Having a policy cancelled for non-payment affects your insurance record and makes it more difficult to set up a policy with a monthly payment plan moving forward.


What’s the process after I get a no insurance ticket?

Once you’ve been convicted of driving without insurance, your license will be suspended approximately one month later. In order to get your license back, you need to show proof that you’ve set up an insurance policy with an FRC.


How do I set up an insurance policy with an FRC?

If your license is suspended and you need an FRC to get back on the road, get in touch with our team by phone at 902.463.1675 or by email at and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Not all companies will insure a driver who needs an FRC, but we’ve got your back! We’ll find you the best policy available and get you back on the road as soon as possible! We even get all the paperwork together for you (simply sign it electronically on your phone or computer!), then we send your FRC directly to the DMV so you don’t have to figure that part out. No paper to print, no in-person visits – we do everything digitally to save you time. This means you can get your license back quicker and get behind the wheel again. You’ll then have access to a number of convenient digital tools (such as the Cheep Insurance mobile app) to help you manage your policy.


We understand it’s important for you to get to work and maintain the freedom and convenience that having a car can offer. A Cheep policy lets you do the things that matter to you – whether that’s getting to work, driving to the beach, or going for a spin with your boo on Friday night!