Opt in for Payment Reminders

Thank you for taking this amazing step to help make sure your insurance payments go through on time each month. NSF payments and policy cancellations for non-payment are bad news! Learn how policy cancellations for non-payment can affect your insurance record.
How our payment reminders work: 

  • Each month you’ll receive a payment reminder via your preferred method of communication a few days before your payment is due. This reminder will include your payment amount and the date of your next payment.
  • To make sure your reminders end up in your inbox and not your junk mail, add to your email address book.
  • If for any reason you don’t receive a reminder, you’re still responsible for your monthly payment. Not receiving the reminder does not exempt you from making your payment on time. (We know, adulting sucks eh?)
  • If you opt out of communications from Cheep Insurance you will no longer receive monthly payment reminders from us.

**Please note that if your next payment is within the next 5 business days, you won’t start receiving payment reminders until next month**