Home Insurance in Newfoundland & Labrador

Home Insurance in Newfoundland & Labrador

Homeowner’s insurance coverage doesn’t have to be complicated – trust Cheep Insurance to make sure you and your family are properly protected. Your home is your biggest asset, your sanctuary, your nest – that’s why we’re here to provide you with the coverages that suit your lifestyle. From Ship Cove to Saint John’s – Newfoundland and Labrador – we’ve got your back. (And your home).

Comparing Quotes

Cheep Insurance works with various insurance companies across Newfoundland & Labrador to provide everything from basic fire coverage to full home coverage. No matter what kind of protection you’re looking for, we’re here to review your options and help you make the best choice for your home.

We know times are tough – so we’ll work to find you any discounts you’re eligible for; it’s this knowledge that gives us a wing up on the competitors. Plus, every insurance policy insured with Cheep is eligible for a payment plan.

When it comes to protecting your home, don’t wing it – Contact us today to cover your tail feathers.

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What's Newfoundland saying about Cheep Insurance?

  • Great people and very easy to work with. Would recommend this company to anyone looking for insurance. I work long hours and it was very difficult to find the time in my day to set up anything with any company whatsoever. A friend recommended Cheep insurance to me and I’m glad he did. These guys made it work on my time with the little I had and I’m 100% satisfied with their customer service.

    Austin - Kippens, NF | Car Insurance


  • Fast Friendly and awesome priced insurance, all over email no running around! Convince 100%

    Elaine - Sunnyside, NL | Car Insurance


  • Highly recommend.
    Great rates and great experience all around.

    Aprille - Mount Pearl, NF | Car Insurance


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Two cartoon characters are shown standing against a blue background. A blonde woman is talking and throwing a peace sign to a friend while Cheep Charlie, a small red bird, perches on her shoulder. The friend is smiling.

Homeowner's Insurance Coverage From Home

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage without leaving the house – how much easier could it get?

From getting a quote online, to using e-signature technology to sign your policy application – we make sure your policy is put in force quickly and easily. Plus, as soon as you sign, you’ll receive proof of insurance and 24/7 access to your documents on our client portal.

This means no more waiting by the mailbox for your policy information – can’t find what you’re looking for? Give our team a call or email with any questions.


FAQs - Homeowner's Insurance in Newfoundland & Labrador

Why does the insurance company want to know when my home was updated?

When you apply for home insurance, you’ll notice that we need information including the year your home was built and the years of any updates/upgrades to things like heating, roofing, plumbing, and electrical. So why do companies want to know this?

One reason they want to know is for discounts! Insurance companies will provide discounts for certain types of heat sources, and provide discounts and lower prices for homes that have been updated. Having a home that is up-to-date shows the insurance company that the home is well cared for, and lessens the risk they are taking on. This results in lower home insurance costs for you!

Another reason is for rebuild costs. The price of your home insurance policy is almost completely based on the dollar amount it would take to rebuild your home back to the way it was prior to any loss. Having the correct information on how your home is constructed and renovated allows for an accurate rebuild cost assessment and makes sure you have adequate coverage if your home needs to be rebuilt.

Home Insurance companies also want to know the age of the home and any updates for eligibility reasons – some companies are only willing to accept homes that were built or updated after a certain year – this information is important so that we can make sure you’re placed with a company that provides the best coverage for your house in particular. Some companies also do not offer coverage for certain types of plumbing or heating (such as kitec or cast iron).

Can I bundle my home insurance with other policies?

Yes – and it’s a great idea! At Cheep, we work with more than a dozen insurance companies to help you find the best price on home and auto insurance. Bundling the two (or more!) together can save you up to 15% on both policies! Not only will you save money by bundling your policies together, but many clients also find it easier to manage policies when they are bundled with the same company.

Who needs to be named on my home insurance policy?

When a home insurance policy is written, any person who is named on the Deed of the home must be a “Named Insured”. This simply means that the names on the policy must match the names on the Deed. This is because if multiple people own the home, multiple people should be reimbursed if something happens to that home.

If your home is mortgaged, the mortgagee or finance company must be named as a “Loss Payee” or “Mortgagee” on the policy. Finance companies will be sure to check that they are listed on the policy so that their financial interest is protected, and they are paid if something happens to the home.

There are other cases in which people should be named on your policy. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, common-law spouse, or unrelated person living in your home, you may want to list them as an “additional insured” on the policy so that the liability portion of your policy extends to cover them, and the policy covers their personal belongings in case of a loss as well. Children do not need to be listed on the policy.

Bundle & Save

Did you know that nesting your car and home insurance together with the same company could save you up to 15% on both policies? Ask us about car insurance options to see if you could save some money!