New Brunswick Home Insurance

New Brunswick Home Insurance

Cheep Insurance is New Brunswick’s Broker for home insurance. We know that home is more than just a building – your family, valuables, everyday items, and keepsakes need to be properly protected. We’re here to get you the coverage that suits your unique lifestyle. From Bathurst to Black’s Harbour and each home in between, we’re here for you!

Home Insurance Quote Online

We know getting a quote for home insurance can sometimes be frustrating – that’s why we’re here! We make it easy to submit a quote request online, then our team will reach out via email or phone (your choice!) to make sure we have all the details to get you the best price.

Cheep Insurance works with one of the largest selections of home insurance carriers in New Brunswick – this means whether you’re looking for basic coverage for your cottage, or full home insurance for your home sweet home, we have the best chance of getting you the best policy you’re eligible for.

Our flock gets to know you and your lifestyle so we can provide coverage for everything you hold dear. Plus, we’ll find any discounts you may qualify for. Our insurance know-how gives us a wing up on the competitors – and every insurance policy insured through Cheep Insurance is eligible for a payment plan.

Don’t get your feathers ruffled – Contact us today to make home insurance a breeze.

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What other New Brunswickers are saying about Cheep Insurance

  • Samantha Young was very helpful and easy to deal with. Great experience for my first time home buyer insurance!

    Mitch - Moncton, NB | Home Insurance


  • Fast! Efficient! Amazing Customer Service! Great experience overall =)

    Khuong - Fredericton, NB | Home Insurance


  • Gabriella was a fantastic representative to deal with. Very thorough. To top it all off , I received a great quote!

    Jason - Burton, NB | Home Insurance


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Two cartoon characters are shown standing against a blue background. A blonde woman is talking and throwing a peace sign to a friend while Cheep Charlie, a small red bird, perches on her shoulder. The friend is smiling.

Home Insurance from Home

Home Insurance Coverage without leaving your favorite armchair? We’ve got you covered.

Our e-signature technology gets your home insurance policy signed, sealed, and delivered right to your phone or computer. Just sign online, and receive confirmation of insurance. Need to check your billing or documents? Our client portal allows you 24/7 access to your coverage as soon as you join the flock.

Still have questions about your coverage? Visit our app or website and hit the call button to contact our team, or email us at [email protected]

Easy as a suet pie!

FAQs - Home Insurance in New Brunswick

How much is Home Insurance?

There isn’t one home insurance price that applies to everyone or all situations.

There are a number of different insurance companies that sell home insurance in New Brunswick, and each company has their own set of “rating factors” that impact the price someone will pay for home insurance.

The most common rating factors are outlined below:

  • Home Rebuild Value – including materials the home is built out of, the year the home was built, square footage, additions, decks/porches, detached structures such as garages, and more.
  • Home Upgrades & Updates – including when your roof was replaced and the material used, heating type and year installed, plumbing material and updates, and electrical and wiring details.
  • Location factors – including how often there are losses in your area and how severe those losses are, closeness of bodies of water, area population, etc. Most companies have New Brunswick broken down into different “rating territories” that impact the price of home insurance in that area.
  • Optional Coverages – Home insurance coverages offer many levels of protections (more about that here) adding specialized coverages for collectables or high value items may cost a little more – but will also save you in the event of a loss.
  • Discounts – including credit-based discounts, occupation / alumni discounts, multi-policy discounts, and stability discounts.

Each insurance company has their own equation that calculates how these rating factors impact the home insurance price offered to each person. Pricing varies from person to person based on these factors.

Do I need home insurance if I rent?

Yes and no – you should absolutely have insurance when you’re renting. It protects your personal belongings, as well as covers you for any liability issues that may arise. However, you’re looking for tenant insurance, not home insurance. Click here to get a quote and buy tenant insurance online!

Need more info? See our blog on Tenant Insurance 101!

Can I get home insurance if my last policy was cancelled for non-payment?

When it comes to cancellations or lapses in insurance, property insurance is a bit more strict than auto insurance. If you have had a cancellation due to non-payment of premiums on a home insurance policy, give our team a call to figure out your next steps. (1-866-922-4337)

Most times if you have been cancelled for non-payment, you will need to be placed in a specialty risk market for at least one year. These policies can carry less coverage and higher premiums. We know life happens, so we can help get your home insurance back on track, and work with you to get back to a “regular market” as soon as possible.

Bundle & Save

Did you know that nesting your car and home insurance together with the same company could save you up to 15% on both policies? Ask us about car insurance options to see if you could save some money!