The Cheep Insurance Apartment Protection Program (CAPP)

The Cheep Insurance Apartment Protection Program (CAPP)

The CAPP is a custom tenant insurance solution built specifically for apartment building owners and managers. This program enables you to offer a simple and user friendly tenant insurance experience to tenants, maintain an organized and up-to-date tenant insurance database for your buildings, and have peace-of-mind that your tenants and building are protected. Plus, you can get a discount on the commercial insurance for your building for being part of the program!

How it Works

How it works

Simple online opt-in
process for tenants

We’ll create a co-branded landing page tenants can use to opt into or out of the program. All your building info will be pre-loaded into the back-end of our system to make for a quick and easy opt-in process for tenants. They can just enter their contact info and answer a few quick questions – then voila! They’re insured! Click here to see how it works for your tenants.

How it works

Insurance database set-up and management

We’ll build and help maintain a tenant insurance database for you so you can stay organized and up-to-date with your tenants’ insurance information. Our team will update the database each time a tenant opts in, opts out, or cancels a policy, and both you and your tenant will receive an email confirmation on policy set up.

How it works

Streamlined payment process for tenants

We’ve built the system in a way that enables building owners and managers to add the $15 per month for the tenant insurance to the payment collected from tenants each month for rent. At the end of each month, we’ll bill a credit card on file for all tenants insured through the program for each building.

Protection for your Building and your Tenants

Tenant insurance provides four main types of protection:

1. Personal Liability Coverage provides coverage for costs associated with damage to the property of others (including your building) that tenants are found legally responsible for or injuries others incur as an accidental result of tenants’ actions (or those of their families).

2. Personal Property Coverage (also know as contents coverage) helps cover costs to replace or repair tenants personal belongings if they’re stolen or damaged/destroyed by a covered loss (such as a fire).

3. Additional Living Expense Coverage helps cover expenses, such as hotel room bills and meals, that tenants may face if their apartment is uninhabitable because it’s being repaired as part of an insurance claim and they have to temporarily live somewhere else.

4. Sewer Back Up Coverage helps cover costs to repair damages made by the sudden and accidental backing up or escape of water or sewage within the building or its units through sewage pipes on the premises.

Program Eligibility

The Cheep Apartment Protection Program is available exclusively to clients and buildings insured by Bauld Insurance. The below list is an overview of eligibility requirements for CAPP. Reach out to your Bauld Premium Property Owner Insurance rep for more information, and for program application.

Owner/Landlord Criteria

  • Must have standard lease form
  • Tenants must sign the lease before entry
  • Must require a damage deposit
  • No sub-letting of units
  • No AirBnB or short-term rental of units in building
  • Tenants must be required to maintain a tenant insurance policy & provide proof of insurance to the landlord before moving into the unit
  • No condos in the building
  • Must have a liability incident reporting system in place

Building Criteria

  • When multiple tenants are living in one unit, ALL tenants must sign the lease
  • No less than 10 units in the building
  • No kytec plumbing
  • Electrical in building must be: 100 amp (minimum), copper, breakers
  • No more than 10% of units can be below-grade
  • No history of flooding
  • Hydrants within 300ft of building
  • Paid fire department response required
  • FSMI Inspection completed
  • Monitored smoke detectors required
  • No BBQs allowed on wooden balconies