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COVID-19 Update for Cheep Insurance Clients

Last Updated: Feb 2021 | Categories: COVID-19

COVID-19 Update for Cheep Insurance Clients

COVID-19 Update for Cheep Insurance Clients: Business as Usual

During these scary and uncertain times, we want to reassure our clients that Cheep Insurance’s service levels haven’t been affected by COVID-19. As a digital insurance brokerage, our team works from home all the time – so the social distancing and self isolation measures being recommended by the government will not have an impact on our operations. It’s business as usual at Cheep Insurance!

COVID-19 related insurance policy change requests

If you’re looking to see if you’re elgiible for a car insurance discount because you used your vehicle to commute to and from work prior to COVID-19 and are now working from home, the fastest way to do so is by filling out our COVID-19 Vehicle Use Change Request form. We’ve developed a streamlined process for these types of changes using this form.

We’ve also developed a COVID-19 & Car Insurance – What you need to know resource on our website that answers a number of the most frequently asked questions related to COVID-19 and car insurance.

We’re here for you

Our brokers are all working from their home offices, ready to help you out with any other requests or questions you may have via phone and email. We are happy to offer the same great service our clients have come to expect from Cheep Insurance during these trying times.

You can reach us using the following contact information:

Customer Service

You can also access your policy info and request policy changes by logging into our website or downloading our mobile app.


You can also request a quote for any of our insurance products online:


All of our insurance company partners offer 24/7 claims support. The fastest way to start an insurance claim is to call the company your policy is insured through directly. The claims phone numbers for all of our insurance company partners can be found on our claims page.

If you don’t know which company your policy is insured through, the name of your insurance company can be found on your policy documents or pink card.

Stay safe & beware of fake news

During these tough times, it’s important that everyone does what they can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can play your part by washing your hands properly, staying home if you’re sick, and practicing social distancing. Social distancing means limiting the number of people you come into close contact with, maintaining a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) from other people, and avoiding non-essential trips outside your home.

It’s also important that everyone tries their best to stay calm, help others when they can, and make sure they check information sources before beleiving them and potentially spreading unnecessary panic – there’s a lot of fake news out there!

We would recommend following the guidance of reputable health and government authorities such as:

With the cooperation of everyone, we can get through this difficult time together.

Updates from Cheep Insurance moving forward

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and listening to the advice of the WHO, the CDC and our local government. If anything changes with regards to Cheep Insurance’s service levels or business operations, we will let clients know via email and update our social media pages so everyone has access to information they may need.

As of now, everything is business as usual since our team can safely work from the comfort of their homes. We’re happy that we’re able to offer clients the same great service levels they’re used to in the face of this global pandemic.

We’re here to help via phone and email – pets by our sides, groceries (feat. a reasonable amount of toilet paper!) on hand, and some board games and Netlix on deck for a little post-work quality time with the fam, social distancing style.

Stay safe and look after one another! #FlattenTheCurve #StayHome