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Travel trailer & camper insurance - online quotes & policy set-up

Travel trailer & camper insurance - online quotes & policy set-up

Why spend an hour on the phone with an insurance broker or in a stuffy office when you can set up your travel trailer insurance online? We’ve made it possible to get a quote and buy a policy right through our website – preferably from just outside your trailer, from a camping chair with a cold beverage in the cup holder. Just complete the form below and you’ll get an instant quote. If you’re interested in purchasing coverage you can do so right through the website!

Travel trailer insurance coverage

For many, your travel trailer is your home away from home for the summer (or at least on the weekends!), so you want to make sure you have proper coverage in place while you’re staying there – not just for the trailer itself, but also for your stuff, and for you and your family.

Cheep Insurance’s travel trailer policies include coverage for your travel trailer or camper, all your belongings inside, and a number of other expenses. These include any additional vacation expenses you may incur as a result of a claim (for example, hotel costs), as well as medical / rehabilitation costs if a guest is injured at your camper.

Manage your travel trailer insurance online from your favourite device

Whether you prefer using a phone, computer, or tablet, you can access all your Cheep Insurance policies online via our website and mobile app.

From getting a quote to purchasing a policy to accessing your policy documents, you can do it all digitally. No hassle, no waiting, no trees killed.

If you purchase a policy using the tool at the top of this page, you’ll instantly receive an email with confirmation of insurance for your travel trailer.

Then, as a Cheep Insurance client, you’ll be set up with 24/7 access to our convenient website and mobile app so you can review your policy and access your policy documents on the fly.