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Many insurance brokerages make it difficult to insure your taxi, but Cheep Insurance has your back! Our taxi insurance brokers will help you through the simple policy set-up process. No need to go anywhere to sign papers - you can do it all on your phone or computer! Plus, we can offer a continuous monthly payment plan no matter what your payment history is like.

How Taxi Insurance Works in Nova Scotia

There’s only one taxi insurance company

In Nova Scotia, there is only one taxi insurance company – the Facility Association, and all taxi insurance policies are issued through them.  There are three carriers that can issue policies on behalf of the Facility Association,  and any insurance company our brokerage that can write a taxi policy for you will be doing so through one of these three carriers.

How to get the best taxi insurance quote

So, how do you get the best taxi insurance quote possible and feel confident it’s accurate? You talk to a knowledgeable insurance broker with experience quoting taxis (may we suggest a broker on the Cheep Insurance team?).

The truth is that since all taxi insurance policies in Nova Scotia are issued through the Facility Association, your taxi insurance rate is going to be the same no matter which insurance brokerage or carrier you go through (as long as your information was collected correctly).

If you get different prices from different brokerages or carriers, someone has misquoted. The only potential difference is a 10% discount offered to owner-operated taxis. Our brokers have specific training to help them identify if you’re eligible for this discount, so you can be confident we’ve quoted the lowest price available.

How much is taxi insurance?

Just like car insurance, taxi insurance pricing is different for everyone. Your taxi insurance rate will be based on:

  • Your driving and insurance history
  • The vehicle you’re using as a taxi
  • Whether or not you own your roof light
  • How long you’ve owned a roof light or vehicle that’s used as a taxi
  • Whether your taxi is owner-operated
  • Where you drive your taxi

To find out what your taxi insurance rate is, give us a call at 1-866-922-4337 and one of our brokers would be happy to put a quote together for you!

Taxi insurance brokers – so how do I choose between them?

Since your taxi insurance price is going to be the same no matter who you purchase through, you’ll want to pick a taxi insurance broker that can offer the best payment plan and service options for you.

Cheep Insurance offers the most competitive monthly payment plans around. Plus, our policies and payment plans are continuous so you don’t have the headache of renewing your payment contract every year.

We take the hassle out of setting up and managing your policy.

Service at your fingertips

From signing on the dotted line to accessing your policy documents to requesting policy changes, everything can be done electronically right from your favourite device.

As a Cheep Insurance client you’ll be set up with 24/7 access to our convenient website and mobile app as soon as you come on board.

We even have digital liability cards you can show as proof of insurance on your phone – no need to frantically rip through your dash to try to find that little pink piece of paper if you get pulled over.

It’s like having a tiny insurance broker in the palm of your hand.


Our clients love the easy policy set-up process!

“Very pleased and impressed with how fast I got insurance. Very convenient with doing everything right online. Awesome experience and will recommend to anyone I know looking for insurance.”


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